Neo-Nazi who called for landmines on border heads to the desert, armed

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Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready
Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready talks about his plan to patrol the Arizona desert. Courtesy KPNX

See the flier
This is the flier neo-Nazi J.T. Ready handed out at the “Stand With Arizona” rally on May 29. Contact information on it has been redacted by Heat City.

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Neo-Nazi border flier

Just three weeks ago at a tea party rally in Tempe, he handed out fliers calling for landmines to be placed along the Mexican border to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing into Arizona.

Now, neo-Nazi J.T. Ready says he plans to lead an armed group into the desert south of Phoenix this weekend to put a stop to what he called “narco-terrorists.”

Ready appeared decked out in camouflage during an interview Wednesday with KPNX (Channel 12). He showed off a stockpile of guns and ammunition he plans to take with him and claimed his group will stake out an area of Pinal County that drug smugglers use as a route to bring “chemical warfare into Phoenix.”

Ready has grabbed more traction with local media in recent months as the debate over illegal immigration heats up. He has also appeared frequently at rallies and protests in support of Arizona’s new immigration law, hoping to attract supporters to his cause.

That was no different on May 29 at the “Stand With Arizona” rally in Tempe, an event organized by several tea party groups.

Ready was there handing out fliers for the Mesa chapter of the National Socialist Movement, the largest neo-Nazi group in the United States.

The fliers carried Ready’s name and a picture of a landmine. “We all should be actively advocating daily to mainstream America the most humane, non-racist, fair border security plan available,” they said. “Namely, A MINEFIELD!”

The flier, photocopied on plain-white paper, carried the letters “N.S.M.” as well as the address for post office box in Mesa, a local phone number and an email address that contained the number 88, a neo-Nazi code meaning “Heil Hitler.”

Ready and another man told Heat City that night they handed out 1,000 fliers at the event but were having little success getting their message across.

Ready has a history of engaging in armed confrontation with immigrants.

When he was running for Mesa City Council in 2006 — a race in which he came in second place — he followed a vehicle down a dead-end street and corned a Hispanic man who later turned out to be an illegal immigrant.

Ready said the man opened fire on him with a BB gun, and he returned fire with a .38 revolver he pulled from an ankle holster.

Both escaped injury and police arrested the other man that night. A month later, the man pleaded guilty to giving a false name to authorities.

The fact that the man received such a minor charge upset Ready, who told the judge overseeing the case that the other man should have been convicted of assault. Ready called it at the time “a travesty of justice.”

  • JT Ready

    SORRY FOR ANY LACK OF ADVANCE NOTICE. We have to go to the WAR with the army we have. Not the army we wish we had. We have folks coming in from Cali that you can carpool with if you like. Short notice is how these battles are fought sometimes. That's why they called our forefathers Minute Men because in a minute they would go from farming or black smithing to grabbing their rifle and gear to head to battle. We have to try this. I bet if many people recieved news of free Super Bowl tickets they would haul ass to the game three states away. But fighting for our nation is a whole different issue with Americans.

    We need help now. Our counties are overran. This is not just media hype. Real Narco-Terrorists with small unit engagements agaist civilians and Law Enforcement. They control the hill tops from here to the border and most choke points. It is time to take back those areas. Not give away our land to Mexico as the feds just did with the National Park Service. That's treason. I will not beg people to come. I just told three people from Utah to stay home because they whined about having to camp overnight. We are better off without the fantasy warrior wannabes or the crankster gangsters in my humble estimation.

    Heck, even Grandmas who are volunteering to do whatever they can. Water, calls, letters, medical aid. So I don't feel sorry for full-grown men who bitch and moan. We have PLENTY of enemy to go around. So no need to infight at all either. Even non-whites are jumping onbaord because they are sick of the invasion, rapes, gangs, and Narco-Terrorists. So if they are even helping out, how much more should we be?

    Furthermore, I am NOT begging for support. But we can and do use EVERYTHING sent to us. Since there are many folks wanting to do just that, I have provided various levels of help you can offer. Whatever YOU feel comfortable with. This is not a donate button. We will continue to patrol regardless and continue to sacrifice for our Folk and Nation either way until Victory or Valhalla. We thank all those who have posted and shown an interest in halting this invasion.

    Here is a short list of what folks can forward to their friends and neighbors to send:

    Yes. We will be continuing patrols throughout the summer. All aide is a plus. Money is OK. But you can also send:

    Gas Cards (we drive tanks full per day per vehicle down the trails)

    Prepaid Cell Phones (this helps for operational security)

    Tons of glow sticks/cyalume night sticks (even the 99 cent kind are OK)

    Batteries- Dcell, 123A lithium camera type, AA, AAA, and others to be announced

    Shotgun bandolears (used is ok)

    Canteens, bandanas, chapstick, sanitary wipes, pocket notebooks and sharpies for notes, ziplock bags all sizes, night vision, spot lights, two way radios.

    Any and all things are a big help and applied to the cause. We are NOT paid. All out of pocket volunteers. Even letters of encouragement will be read to the troops and they are a blessing for morale.

    thank you so much!

    The Eagles' Nest

    P.O. Box 571

    Mesa, AZ 85211-0571

    Checks or M.O.s to J.T. Ready “Border Ops”

    Receipt available upon request


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