Dieteman: I want Hausner to die

By Nick R. Martin | January 13th, 2009 | 10:44 am | No Comments »

Dale Hausner, pictured in red shirt, listens as his former roommate, Samuel Dieteman, testifies against him in an eight-count murder trial. Courtesy of ABC 15

Live from the courtroom: Confessed killer Samuel Dieteman says he wants his former friend and alleged Serial Shooter accomplice, Dale Hausner, to die. “I do believe in the death penalty,” Dieteman said on the witness stand in the eight-count murder trial against Hausner. “For seven-plus murders, I do believe that would be worthy of the death penalty.”

Dieteman also said he believes he deserves to die for his role in two murders and numerous other shootings, which he has confessed to as part of a plea agreement. The agreement leaves open the possibility that he could escape the death penalty with no guarantee he will. “If I were on the jury to decide my fate, yes sir, I would vote for death,” Dieteman said under questioning by Hausner’s attorney, Ken Everett.