Republicans set for rematch of dirty debate in attorney general's race

By Nick R. Martin | June 22nd, 2010 | 1:25 pm | 3 Comments »

The two Republicans hoping to become Arizona’s next attorney general will face off tonight in a rematch of what may have been the dirtiest debate in local politics so far this year.

Tom Horne and Andrew Thomas threw gallons of political mud at each other when they last faced off on June 3 in front of a Scottsdale tea party group. They largely ignored the moderator and instead tossed around accusations of lies, corruption and secret agendas for almost two hours.

Tonight’s debate, which will be televised at 7 p.m. on KAET (Channel 8) in Phoenix, promises to be somewhat more civilized. It will last just a half hour with the candidates seated at the same table and facing questions from veteran moderator and host Ted Simons.

Still, there may be no avoiding the goop these two want to sling.

Since the last debate, Horne has launched a website that, in part, focuses on the fact that Thomas is under criminal investigation by the FBI for allegedly abusing his power while serving as Maricopa County attorney.

Meanwhile, Thomas has called an investigation of Horne, the state schools superintendent, for failing to disclose a bankruptcy he had in 1970.